New Photos

18 02 2011

Wow, has it really been since December since my last post?! Where does time go?

Anyways, lets start off with a few new photos. I recently took some pics of my room and have finally decided to post them. Here you can all finally see the set up and layout of my figure display, complete with the lights.  Note: clicking the pics will take you to them on MFC where a larger downloaded version are available for viewing.

Room -close up-
Room -full-

Also, I have finally found the time to take some shots of my newest Black Rock Shooter figures. I am so amazed at how detailed they both are. GSC really did an amazing job on both. -and I was lucky enough that the second anime version made it safely to me without breaking, as so many others did. Then with the fact that I managed to get her 50% off it made it even better. ^^

Both these pics were taking in my living room window. See all the snow we outside? *sighs* I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t flood this spring. >.>

Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter -anime version-

Also posed below is a quick shot of the lovely Yuri Lowell. Alter really did do an amazing job with this figure too. He’s absolutely gorgeous! -and I’m thinking about doing a review about him in the near future.

Finally I will close with some newest artwork. Below are a few new Bleach drawings -drools over Byakuya- as well as a new commission or two. -one actually-

Rukia and Byakuya

Byakuya Kuchiki

Melting Spring

Also note, I am working on creating a complete gallery of my art here. Including stuff no longer posted online. I’m still far from finished, but it is online and available for viewing even so. Also I have posted my commission list online as well -see commission info- so all my clients can keep track of where they stand in terms of waiting.

So anyway, thanks for reading. *runs off to work on more commissions*


P.S, on a completely unrelated note, I have to post a blip about the newest manga I randomly discovered: Crazy Girl Shin Bia I absolutely loved reading this -and I lost three nights work as well because of it-. I was a little saddened that the ending wasn’t more detailed. But other then that I just loved it and would highly recommend it to those that like adventure/romance/comedic stories. ^^


Happy Holidays!

23 12 2010

Happy Holidays everyone!

This post will feature some new holiday related art as well as some new Figure photos. Well then lets get started.

First up, to celebrate the season I’ve have been working on a new Bleach Christmas drawing. I made sure to include some of my favourite characters of course:  (please also note:  a coloring tutorial showing how I do these colored pencil drawings is posted in an older post)

Bleach happy Holidays

And the pencil only version:

pencil only

And a special version I did for the ByaXRukia fan group on Bleach Asylum:


And a few newer digital works:

Freezing Midnight

Golden Emperor

And finally some shots of my newest figure, GSC’s Dead Master:

Dead Moon Rising

Dead Moon Rising 2

Personally I just love these pics. My camera does not take good pics in dark light so I was thrilled to get a couple this clear with this lighting. And look, that is the real moon behind her.

And I will finally close with a couple shots of my ‘decorated’ work space. I didn’t have the time to set up our larger tree this year so I just set the little tinsel one on my desk. Its nothing fancy, but I’m greatly enjoying looking at it as I work.

So Happy Holidays and good fortune to you all  in the coming year! *hugs*


Alter’s Kotobuki Tsumugi – A Review

28 11 2010

Today’s post features the review I did some days ago about Alters new Kotobuki Tsumugi figure. It was originally posted on MyFigureCollection but I’m posting it here as well.

Well then, lets get started. Kotobuki Tsumugi is the 4th in the K-ON! Ho-Kago Tea Time series.

Tsumugi, also known as Mugi, is a wealthy girl with a gentle and sweet personality. She is the third member of the light music club and plays the keyboard. She brings sweets and tea frequently and keeps a tea set at the club room. She originally intends to join the choir club, but joins the light music club instead since she would rather be “friends with fun people that you don’t meet often” (From MyAnimeList)

Packaging: Well then, lets start with the box first. This box is very much like the other 3 in the series, although this time it features a pink color scheme. Several photos of the figure decorate the box along with some other rather eye pleasing yet simple color patterns/designs. A large semi wraparound window allows the viewer a very good look at the figure itself as well. A smaller second window is on the top flap, cut in the shape of the keys on her keyboard. I’ve seen better boxes around, but even so, its well done and does its job well. Inside the box is the general plastic casings. This time there are 4 layers of protective plastic, allowing for the base and the legs of the keyboard to be packaged safely behind the figure itself. Also included is a small instruction sheet for correct placement of the keyboard and her feet on the base.

Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing: Lets move on to the figure itself. First some photos:
And a close up of her face:

Alter really did a lovely job with this figure. From her slightly swaying/jumping pose down to the flow of her long hair, its obvious that this figure was well thought out. Some had complained that her pose was rather plain, especially compared with the other 3 that are in mid jump, however, personally I like what they did with her. Sure she may be in a slightly more refined pose but even so, she’s very elegant and still expresses a great sense of movement. She is well detailed as well, from the wrinkles in her clothing, down to her flowing skirt, its all expertly sculpted and truth be told I couldn’t be more happy with it.

Alter also did an amazing job painting this figure. Some were concerned that the hair may have been a bit to yellow (and please don’t judge by the color of my photos, they don’t pick up the color of her hair nearly accurately enough), but I personally think they did a good job with it. The bottom strands of her hair are slightly darker and taper to a lighter color the closer you get to her head, which in my opinion, just looks lovely. Her clothing is all painted and shaded well -love those cute gold buttons- and her skin has a lovely and fairly realistic paint job. They did an excellent job on her face as well, the eyes especially are very nicely done.

The Keyboard for me is one of the most eye-catching things about this figure. The details on this thing is just fantastic! I was so tempted to actually get out a magnifying glass just too see what was all written on it (and all the little buttons are labeled in English and are readable). The keys themselves looks so real I almost felt that I could reach out and actually press and move them (which you can’t of course).

However, despite the amazing details on the keyboard I was more then a little shocked to find out that it doesn’t actually fit together in any way to its stand or to the base. The keyboard just sits on the rather flimsy cross legs/stand which is just set on the base. With the weight of the keyboard and the lack of a secure placement makes the keyboard VERY wobbly and unstable. Heck, the whole thing toppled over when I first took it out of the box and set it on the base for the first time. The keyboard has to be carefully set on its stand exactly centered, then you pretty much can’t move the figure from that spot without removing the keyboard again. Merely bumping the table the figure was sitting on caused a great deal of wiggling… which freaked me right out. I know some people were against a clear bar in the keyboard to actually connect it to the stand… but honestly I would have preferred that compared to the instability it now has instead.

Base: The base for this figure may be fairly plain but it matches the others in the series and gets the job done well. Its made of clear plastic and features her name as well as an image of her keyboard. Although as I mentioned above the base does not contain any sort of ways to connect the keyboard to the base… which makes moving this figure more difficult then others. Mugi stands well on it though, and there isn’t to much wiggling on her part.

Other: Nothing to much to say here. I’ll just post a few group shots of her and the other band members (can’t wait for Ritsu btw!)

Enjoyment: Over all I was very pleased with this figure (despite wobbly keyboard). She is another masterpiece from ALTER and over all they did a wonderful job on her. She looks amazing on my shelf and makes a fine addition to one of the best K-ON figure series I have ever seen.

Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren’t to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn’t scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again, -Keelerleah

Recent Figure Purchases (And other news)

18 10 2010

Hi all,

Just posting some recent photos of some of my recent anime figure purchases.

First up is my newest, the GSC Ciel and Sebastian Nendoroid: (photos taken in my fathers museum)

Next is just a few random shots of some newish figures (or ones that I haven’t yet posted here on my blog).

Alters Momohime: (photo taken at my grandmas)

Max Factory’s Rin Kagamine Nuclear Fusion (Hard R.K. ver.) figure:

Max Factory’s VN02 Hatsune Miku figure:

Also I’m finally posting some new art updates. Most of these paintings were posted on DA at an earlier time but I figured I’d should post them here, now, as well.

Daughter of the Forests (photoshop, commissioned:)

COPYRIGHT NOTICE © ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law. You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me.

Bleach-Ichigo- Getsuga-
(photoshop) personal work:

COPYRIGHT NOTICE © ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law. You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me. Ichigo Kurosaki and Bleach copyright Tite Kubo.


Fallen Dreams: (photoshop, commissioned)


COPYRIGHT NOTICE © ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law. You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me.

And Finally a new pencil Byakuya drawing. I am still  in the process of coloring this, but as soon as I finish I’ll have it posted up in my DeviantART gallery.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE © ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law. You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me.

Well that’s it for today. I am planning to do some more figure reviews in the coming future so stay tuned. 🙂


GSC’s BRS Nendoroid- A Review

14 09 2010

Just posting my recent review of the newest Good smile Nendoroid, Black Rock Shooter.

Hello, my name is drowranger (although I am more commonly known online as keelerleah) and today I will be reviewing the new nendoroid Black Rock Shooter.


First lets take a look at what’s actually in the box.

Besides the figure itself we have two other faces (one complete with a different fringe and cartoony flame), 4 different arms (with hands and one extra hand separately), one bent leg, one pair of sitting legs (with attached shorts), a second sitting coat portion, one optional fringe for the hair (if you don’t want to display her with her eye flame), her sword, and finally her gun/cannon.
Include as well, is a special tiled base (with two clear plastic ‘lifts/attachments’, the instruction sheet, and a region free subtitled DVD of the original 55 min animation.

Packaging: The box is the usual standard for nendoroids, although the main difference between this box and some of the older ones is the change in the flap at the top. Before it was just a standard ‘box flap’ where you had to be careful otherwise there was a chance of the corners ripping. Now it has been replaced with a dash and a smaller flap that fits into a small cut on the top (think cereal box tops). This new design lessens the possibility of rips but in all honesty it can be rather difficult (for me at least) to get the little flap in the cut. But that’s such a minor thing. 🙂

Back of the Box:


Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing: Moving on to the figure itself. Here are a few more angles and poses.


(Without her removable eye flame)


One thing I just love about this figure is all the amazing poses you can put her in. From sitting on top of her gun to have her jumping up and firing in mid air, all the extra parts allow for a wide variety positions.


And a close up of her main/default face.

Another thing I found rather amusing was that if you replace her sitting legs with the normal straight ones (just the legs and not the ball joint as the one in the shorts seems as if its not removable -I didn’t want to pull to hard on them to find out-) she can now sit flat on any flat surface (including the palm of your hand). I don’t know why, but I just found it incredibly cute to sit her down on ones hand.


Here is her other optional head and fringe. How cute is she? Personally I can’t wait until the Dead Master comes out and then I can have them sitting side by side. ^^

The painting on this figure is quite well done and detailed. From her perfectly detailed little scars to the minor blue shading on her hair, its all done with practiced perfection. Her outfit (coat, top, boots, shorts) are done with a shinny glossy paint which gives this figure a lovey eye catching appearance.

Base: This nendoroid base is quite special (in terms of uniqueness). Unlike most others, which are made of clear plastic, this one features a lovely tiled pattern, along with a cute little painted star on one side. The long clear supports (that actually fit into the figure in the back) are attached at the back of the base hiding most of it from view from the front. An optional black piece can be inserted into a small hole on top of the base that allows her cannon to be attached directly. She can then sit atop the vertical weapon.


Other: This would be the best place to bring up the included DVD. I was extremely thrilled to learn that it came with this, as for someone like me, with dial up, watching movie clips online isn’t much of an option. The DVD itself comes in a sealed paper envelope and thankfully is region free and has the options for subtitles (in multiple languages). After watching it (for the first time) I highly appreciate the figure more and I look forward to adding more figures to my collection from this exciting animation.

A quick/random shot of her on my shelf by my other figures:

Enjoyment: Over all I am having great fun with this cute little figure. Just making this review provided lots of chances for me to play around with her and try out new poses. Over all she is one of my favourite nendoroids in my collection.

Finally, I will close with a random shot I did when I was more or less just playing around with her (and a few of my other nendos)
Poor little thing, that mean Kaito defeated her, stole her weapon, and is zeroing in on Miku… XD

Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren’t to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn’t scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again,
-Keelerleah (drowranger)

ALTER’s Clalaclan Philias Figure- A Review

5 09 2010

This is my Review for the recent Clalaclan Philias Figure by ALTER.

Hello, my name is drowranger (although I am more commonly known online as keelerleah) and today I will be reviewing Alters Clalaclan Philias figure. This is only my second review but after the great response my first one got I decided to give it a try again.

Well lets get right into things here, starting with the packaging.

Packaging: When I first opened the huge shipping box she came in, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely and elegant the box looked. Its mostly white and features a few plastic windows to view the figure inside. All windows are kept towards the right side of the box hiding the shield and her ‘weapon’ on the left. The outside features some lovely art by Tony and the back contains the usual shots of the figure itself.

[b]Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing :[/b] First a few shots of the figure itself.


Moving on to the figure itself our attention is first drawn to the magnificent skirt she’s wearing. Its the skirt itself (And a bit of the hair) that really gives this figure some weight. ALTER really did an amazing job sculpting this figure. All the ruffles are highly detailed and very realistic. Her armour (which is accented by some lovely roses) is also tastefully done and while its painted with shiny paint (that catches the light very nicely) it doesn’t deter from the main feature of this figure which, to be perfectly honest, are the ruffles.

The skirt itself is done in multiple layers. While the whole thing is one piece it was sculpted in a way that really showcases all the many different layers of her outfit. All the skirts are painted with a very pale color/white but with the excellent sculpting and surrounding light a lack of shading isn’t a big issue.

The top of her skirts also features two more top layers of ‘fabric’ that are tastefully trimmed in a lovely blue, adding a much needed splash of color.

Here is a shot more or less up her skirt showing the many hidden details. Her legs are also armour encased (up to the knee) and above them are some well detailed stockings.

Another big attraction that this figure has is her shield and cross like weapon (please forgive my ignorance in this as I’m not all that familiar with the Shining Wind game, and for this review I will simply refer to it as being her ‘weapon’).

The shield is indented with her ‘cross like symbol’ and also features very detailed and rather pretty paint work. The inside features leather strips (its not actually leather though ;P ) and an attached optional hand. When you first open the box a second hand (not holding anything) is used. An instruction sheet is included showing how to remove the hand and replace it with her shield holding hand.

The staff of her ‘weapon’ pulls off the main portion of it to allow you to slide it in her other hand. You then reattach the end. The details on this are also very well done, but what particularly caught my attention was the brown shaft and the lovely gold painted ordainment at the top. Over all both her shield and ‘weapon’ make for a lovely finishing touch to this very eye catching figure.

Her hair is also a big feature of this figure. Her bangs are done well enough and the large mass of hair in the back is tied together at the end with a matching blue ribbon. The hair itself isn’t shaded all that much but it really doesn’t take away from the figure at all. Its well sculpted considering the situation, since its tied up at the end and blowing slightly out behind her.

I did find it rather amusing at how round she is when looked at from above.

I should also point out that there has been rumor that she is a cast off (removable clothing/skirts) but I honestly don’t believe she is. Everything is very solid and the skirts don’t wiggle around at all. Plus there was no packaging/plastic sheets up her skirt which usually seem to be the case with cast offs.

So over all ALTER did a fantastic job with the sculpting and painting (even if they could have added a bit more shading). Her pose may be a bit simple but it keeps its elegance and, in my opinion, is one of the big attractions of this figure.

Base: The base for this figure is very simple yet it still holds a lot of elegance and goes very well with the figure. Her feet fit very well in the little raised sections however with her weight (and slim legs) she does wiggle around a bit if the surface she’s sitting on is bumped.

Nothing to much to add here, just a shot of her beside my other Shining Wind figures (by Kotobukiya).

Over all I am very pleased with her. She was more on the pricey side (compare to some of my other owned figures) but sitting on my self beside them she really stands out and shows her quality. She is very enjoyable to photograph and I was 100% satisfied with the quality and final result.


Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren’t to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn’t scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again,
-Keelerleah (drowranger)

ALTER’s Natsume Yuujinchou figure- A Review

5 09 2010

Well since VOX is closing up, I have moved here (along with all my VOX stuff and posts) *gotta love the internet*

Anyways, since my interests have now moved towards the world of figure collecting, I figured I’d post my couple reviews I recently did on some of my favourite figures.

Originally posted on MyFigureCollection–> REVIEW

Hello, my name is drowranger (although I am more commonly known online as keelerleah) and today I will be reviewing Alters Natsume Takashi/Madara figure. This is my first review as well, so while I’m new at this, I still hope this will be useful to some.

Well then, lets get started. Natsume Yuujinchou (also known as The Natsume Book of Friends) is an ongoing manga series (that has been also made into an anime) that was created by Midorikawa Yuki. It tells the story of a young boy who has the ability to see spirits, as his grandma, Reiko, could before him. Reiko, though, used to bully the spirits, and bound them to her will in the “Book of Friends”. Now that Natsume has inherited this book, a never-ending stream of spirits is coming after him. With the help of a spirit “cat” (who really just wants Natsume to die so he can have the book), Natsume spends his days dissolving the contracts that bind the spirits and trying not to get killed. (Credit:


Packaging: Well then lets start with the box. So far, in my collecting, I have come across a few mildly interesting boxes, but nothing compared to this one so far. The first thing that, in all honesty, amazed me was the magnetic (yes there are actually magnets in it) flap covering the clear ‘window’. When opened it displays a lovely blue and white colored vine and grass design (which goes well with the figure) as well as a painted scene from the anime on underside of the flap.

The outsides are also sparingly yet elegantly decorated and the back is complete with a little round window that allows you to view Madara (the cat) from within. One side also features the same painting as within the flap, only this time Natsume is also included in the work.

Over all this is one of the nicest and prettiest boxes I have seen yet.


Inside the box is the usual clear packing along with those clear plastic sheets for protection. Also included is a little diagram for correct removal of the kimono.


Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing:Moving on to the figure itself. We can now clearly see that this is a special and very unique figure. Here are a few more angles:



And some close ups of their faces.



I have heard numerous people comment on the lack of detail on Natsume himself (the face, hair, and shirt especially) and while I would have liked to see a bit more detail in these areas, I feel that to much more would have taken away from the figure and character. The outfit design is pretty much exact as the one in the manga and anime and any alterations would have taken away from the idea and over all feel of the theme.


Here we can see the close up details of Madara. They did a lovely job of painting his face and he’s pretty much spot on with the original design of the character.

As I mentioned above, one also has the options of removing the gorgeously painted kimono. The kimono was a great way to add more details to an otherwise rather ordinary looking outfit. The painting is excellently done and adds a lovely splash of color. Here we can see Natsume without it.


And from the back:


The posing for this figure is actually rater plain but it seems to work well nonetheless. The pose was based upon the drawing I posted above (which is also featured on the box) and honestly, even if its a bit plain, it still looks lovely and doesn’t take away from the over all appeal of the figure.

The sculpting for this figure was also quite well done. Some have complained about the look of the hair and the blandness of the face but I like it and again it holds true to the character.

Base: The base was the first thing that attracted me to this figure. Its simply stunning! With semi transparent (and shiny) plastic for the water and grass to the wonderfully detailed log, they didn’t go wrong in any way. The painting too is actually quite lovely, although there aren’t to many specific details painted, it still looks quite realistic and, lets be honest, this figure is all about the base.


Natsume and Madara don’t actually come off of the base, as most figures do, but it really doesn’t bother me as, after all, with the pose he’s in, it would be really difficult to display him any other way without it.

One more thing that I feel needs mentioning though is his size. The only thing that does bug me slightly about this figure, is his over all size. It is meant to be 1/8 scale but when placed by other figures of the same scale he looks fairly small.


Above is a shot of him sitting by some of my other figures. All (except the 2 Hatsune Mikus -the big one is 1/6 scale) are 1/8 and as you can see he does look smaller then them.

Enjoyment: Over all I was very pleased with this figure (despite the size issue). For someone who has read the manga (and who greatly enjoyed it) I was really pleased with the outcome of this figure. Plus, I was absolutely thrilled that a male figure was given such wonderful treatment and I dearly hope ALTER will come out with more in the future.

Over all

Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren’t to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn’t scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Oh, and one last thing. If you haven’t read or watched Natsume Yuujinchou I greatly suggest that you do. Its a wonderfully heartwarming and lovely story that greatly deserves more viewers.

Thanks again,
-Keelerleah (drowranger)