New Bleach Art and Vampire Art Now

12 10 2011

Hi everyone,

Just a short update today. I recently finished a new Bleach pencil drawing (pictured below) and I’m posting some photos I took of my own copy of the new art book Vampire Art Now (which I was lucky enough to get in):

First the new Bleach picture: Bleach -Cloudy Skies. Featuring Byakuya, Rukia, Ichigo, and Renji. Note:  a lot of different references were used in creating this, some of which were from a picture (for Byakuya and Renji’s poses and clothes) from a photo I found of the band the Gazette to some cloud references I took myself with my camera. Below that is the pencil only version (and as you can see I did do a little painting over the pencil layer, especially concerning Ichigo’s face).

Bleach -Cloudy Skies-

Now I’m also including a work in progress photo I took. This was taken before I had the bottom of the background planned out (I was originally going to draw a fence behind then) but that changed since. You can just see part of the cloud reference photo (of our yard actually) I was looking at on my laptop screen.

And finally I took some photos of the book Vampire Art Now. All three images in the photos are my paintings that were accepted in the book. We found these books at a local bookstore in the city and since my grandma wanted a couple copies we got two of them.

Well that’s it for today. I should have some new figure photos posted soon but for now this is it.

Thanks for reading! *hugs*


Alter’s Yuri Lowell -A Review

2 06 2011

Today I will be reviewing Alters Yuri Lowell figure.

Well then, lets get started. Yuri Lowell is the first in the series of Tales of Vesperia figures being made by Alter, and is the 2nd figure in the ALTAiR series (which only features male characters). He goes with the newly released Flynn figure (also by alter) and was first released in Jan 2011 -which was when I got mine-

Packaging: Well then, lets start with the box first. When I first opened the shipping box and found this, I was really surprised and very happy. The large wraparound window covers 3 of the 4 sides, allowing for excellent viewing of the figure inside. Some nice designs are stamped right on the plastic as well, creating a lovely effect. The color scheme is also very well done and it helps to highlight the lovely coloring of the figure. Over all, I found this box to be one of the prettiest of all the figure boxes I have. I liked it so much in fact, that I didn’t even want to take him out.

Inside the box is the general plastic casings along with an instruction sheet. His arm needs to be removed for the sword to go in his hand and the instructions are included on that sheet.

Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing :Lets move on to the figure itself. First some photos:

And a close up of his face:

Alter really did a lovely job with this figure. His pose is rather simple but even so, it still showcases the fact that he is a swordsman. Even standing at ease, with his sword over his shoulder and his hand on his hip, one still has the sense that he’s ready and alert. The slight tilt of his head and long flowing hair only add to that fact. So the pose may seem simple, but even so it suits the over all look and feel of the figure very well.

His clothing and hair are especially well sculpted. All the wrinkles in the clothing, especially at the elbows- is exceptional and very realistic.

There could be, perhaps a bit more detailing on the back of his head but its not that big of a deal to me. A slight indent is also on the back of his head/hair allowing a place for the sword to rest securely.

Alter also did an amazing job painting this figure and, to me, it was the color scheme that attracted me to this figure in the first place. From the lovely purples of his hair and outfit to the shinny gold accents, it just all works very well and is very eyecatching. The shading is exceptional, as expected from alter, and the details are just superb.

I especially love how they painted his bracelet and sword. A rather simple design, but very elegantly done.

My eyes are also drawn to his boots, which are very detailed. From the lovely coloring to the detailed buttons(?) nothing is over looked. The boots are also done in a way that allows him to actually stand up fairly securely without the aid of the base. Which just goes to show how well balanced, designed, and sculpted this figure is.

Also included with this figure is a mini one of the same character. Its a lovely bonus and, as with the main figure, very detailed -its head even moves a bit! It has a simple clear base with two metal pegs and once on, the figure stays very securely on its base. I did have one unfortunate thing happen though, with this mini figure. Upon opening the box, I discovered that one of its little arms had detached itself from the rest of the figure -probably happened in shipping-. A bit of glue fixed it but it did bother me a touch. I haven’t heard of anything similar happening to other buyers… but I figured I’d mention it anyway.

Base: The base for this figure is another very unique feature. Made to look like cobble stones, its again well designed and it gets the job done well. Its hollow underneath though, but the plastic is strong and there are no worries about it breaking when you press the figure down onto it. -at least not for me-

Other: Nothing to much to say here. I’ll just post a few a picture of Yuri standing with some of my other figures -he looks great beside Alter’s Momohime by the way.

Enjoyment: Over all I was very pleased with this figure and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. Alter really is building a strong reputation for itself and this figure only helps increase its reputation for excellent well made figures. So if you have a chance to pic this figure up, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren’t to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn’t scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again,

Oh, and I will be appearing at this years Anime Blitz and Comic Spectacle on Saturday June 4th. I will be taking lots of pics and should have a new blog posed about it in the coming days.

New Art

6 10 2008

Wow, it really has been a long time since I posted something new. So what follows is a couple of recent commissions and a preview of a Bleach character art series I'm currently working on.



Chosen commissionDrow commission


Larger versions of the Bleach paintings can be seen on my web site:


ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law (2006-2008). You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me.

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The Delisle Mural

14 06 2008

Ok, well as some of you know I was supposed to be on T.V this June 11, well I thought I should let you all know what happened that day. 🙂

The mural unveiling went well and everyone loved just loved it. My dad made a speech (since he knows all about the old buildings I actually had to paint). Unfortunately not as many people showed up that were supposed to, don't get me wrong there were a lot of people there, but it wasn't a complete full house.

I was rather disappointed though when none of the T.V. crew came out. The organisers were rather upset to, but hopefully this summer when the Delisle centennial celebrations will start (this is why I did the mural) we will get more press. On the plus side, a newspaper reporter did make it so, hopefully, I will get my pic in the paper which will be rather exciting.

So here are a couple photos of the mural. It was done in acrylic paint on plywood, and measures 4×8 feet. And yes that is me (and my dad… he looks so happy lol) in the second picture. 🙂



Oh, and I thought I would throw in a new photo of my Raven.

Again thanks for looking.



ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law (2006-2008). You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me.

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The Arrival of Raven and other News

27 05 2008

Wow, time sure has flown and I think its about time I post some updates.

Some of you may know of the big town of Delisle mural I have been working on this last winter. Well it was finally picked up today. During pickup I learned that on June 11, there will be a special unveiling, complete with CTV and CBC news coverage. Oh gosh, I'm going to be on T.V. again… *sigh* maybe I will be sick that day… LOL.

Anyway with the completion of the mural I will finally be able to pay for my Luts ball jointed doll, which finally (after 2 months of waiting) arrived last Tuesday. He was all I had hoped and Luts did an amazing job, although the elastics in the legs are a bit tight, and cause him to sit most of the time. However after posting the box opening pictures on Den of Angels (I had mentioned his leg problem) people advised that he would loosen himself, which was a great relief, as I was not looking forward to resrtinging him. Here are some photos I took of Raven (the doll) last night:



I won't be posting any new art this time, as new works can be seen on my deviantART site:, However I may be posting some pictures of the Delisle mural after the 11th.

Well that's it for the moment. As always I thank all my fans and friends that keep my art commissions going, and a big thanks to people that have taken the time to read this. You all mean so much to me!

-Leah Keeler


This work and all of the works and content in my gallery/blog are under copyright law (2006-2008). You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me. Thank you.

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Finally an Update

22 02 2008

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated last. Well what's happened in that time…. hmm well noting to monumental, but I do seem to have steady work, at least for now. 

Some of you that watch me at may have noticed a slowdown in new art. Well this is partially because I am now apart of the The Legends of Talanith project/website and has been hired on to do some traditional/pencil illustrations (an exclusive preview can be seen below).


Along with that, my work on a large 4×8 foot mural of the main street in Delisle continues. Its been a huge change of pace for me as I tend to stick to fantasy work, the mural being all old building. But I am getting there, and hopefully within the next few months will have it completed. And don't worry I tend to post a photo of the finished work.

Comission work is still in full swing, and I do continue to do some of my own personal art. Here is a taset of some of my newer works, all of which are painted from scratch in photoshop (although the midnight guardian one had a pose reference). Enjoy.


Here is my latest Drizzt painting (which I love how it turned out), and this one actually got me my first Daily Deviation on DeviantART. (A daily deviation is a daily award the site gives out to selected works)



I also have some news concerning a feature I have been given. I have been recently featured in a digital art magazene titled Collective Consciousness  issue 2 (copies can be purchased at the link). Hopefully this will give me a boost in the art world, and land me more work.

In any case life goes on, so I hope you are all well and again thanks for taking the time to stop by. I leave you now with some pencil works. Enjoy. (and always all pics are copyright to myself and are NOT to be used without permission)








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Winter here in Saskatchewan

30 11 2007

Whew, well it has been a wile since I posted last. Work has been steady and the commissions keep rolling in. My contest on DeviantART (to celebrate my 1 year on that amazing site) is going good and people seem to be willing to participate.

Well winter is finally here in Saskatchewan and we had to shovel out the driveway for the first time this year, and its so cold I haven't been able to get to the city these last few days. Well what can you expect when living in Saskatchewan.

On other news I have been contacted about a possible commission that would be used as a cover for an upcoming Yaoi novel. (  While having mixed feelings about the possible project I can't deny that it is going to be quite exciting and I look forward to it. Speaking of exited I found out today that my heise ( art book and poster set that I sent for is going to be mailed out in Monday… woot I can't wait!

Anyway here is a taste of some of my newest pics. As always my art is not to be used without permission.





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