The Raven BJD Christmas Tree Adventure (2008 Photo story)

18 12 2012

Well since it’s getting closer to Christmas I thought I’d post something a little different.
I made this photo story back in 2008 to be posted on the BJD forum Den of Angels.  Since you’d have to be a member of the forum to actually read it before, I figured I’d post it here and share it now with everyone. It’s nothing really special, but perhaps some of you might enjoy reading it. I had fun making it anyway (from what I can remember). … although I can’t help but wince at the way my room looked then. ^^;


Oh, and no he didn’t help me get my tree up this year…. in fact that tree hasn’t been put up in years now.

Anyway, thanks for reading and best wishes in the New Year!! *hugs*



Saber Extra Dollfie Arrives!

26 09 2012

Hi Everyone,
Well after 11 months and 3 days my Volks Saber Extra finally arrived. Below are some photos I took of her and her arrival. I wouldn’t call this a review but I wanted to post some photos anyway.



open box

A quick group shot of all my current BJD:

Group shot




And finally some recent shots in my Aunts garden taken a few days ago:




That’s it for this time!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Finally a New Update!

14 08 2012

Hi all,
Wow, has it really been this long since my last update?! O.o

This summer is  simply flying by for me. So many things have happened and I’ve barely been home.

One of the big things this summer  happened to be the annual comic convention in my area. It was a long day, but I had loads of fun selling prints and other goodies. Here’s a quick photo of my table:


By the end of the day I didn’t have much of that left. ^^

I have also begun the sales of what I’m calling ‘Print Pillows’ (you can see a few of them in the above convention photo as well). I am currently out of material, but I plan on offering the chance to commission these pillows using my already existing art.  More info about them (and how to order) will be posted once I receive more supplies to make more. ^^

The below image is the last two I had left after the convention. Currently I still have the girl available for purchase ($20 USD) but the Byakuya one is gone.

Print Pillows

I also created my own artist facebook page: I’m planning to update it as often as I can with news and art (some of which won’t even be posted on DA). So if you want to see some upcoming new unposted art and updates, feel free to drop by and give me a ‘like’. XD

Right now I’m also on a bit of a Byakuya kick. With the release of chapters 501 and 502 (SPOILER!) I was thrown into an emotional upheaval. I’m always amazed at how attached we can get to fictional made up characters. With his supposed death (as some people thought) I was upset for a long time. However, at this point I’ve come to the personal opinion that he will be okay in the end (chapter 503 only helped to strengthen that). So thankfully things have settled back down for me. Now though, my urge to collect Byakuya related merchandise has flared up again ( I always have so much fun hunting down rare and hard to find merchandise!).  I am currently waiting on the 1/6 Byakuya Statue by Tsume ( ) to arrive. A collection photo will be in the works after as well. ^^

Well enough of my babbling. Here is some new art (all previously posted on my DA account): I will also shortly update my ‘gallery’ here on this site with new art, some of which hasn’t been posted online before. That should be up in 1-2 days (if not sooner)

Some new Bleach art:

Byakuya Kuchiki:


Jushiro Ukitake:


Bleach Today: Ichigo Kurosaki:

Ichigo Today

Commissioned art:

The Final Stand:

The Final Stand

Caught in the Vines:

Caught in the Vines

Water Dance:

Water Dance

Reach for the Light: (I was amazed to find that I had been awarded a DD on Deviantart for this)

Reach for the Light

Xullrae Ace of Spades:


And finally a taste of some of my recent anime figure photography: (to see more of my figure photos see my figure site: )

LukaSaberCeltyShiki Steins GateShining HeartsMadokaShining Hearts

Well that’s it for this update.
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

-keelerleah ❤

Ah, Summer

1 08 2011

Ah, summer in Canada… all I can think of is: “I miss winter!”  While not as hot as its been in the States, we still had a number of terribly hot days and for someone who lives in a home with no air conditioning it has not been pleasant. Even my computer hasn’t been taking the heat well. Due to overheating I’ve had to give my laptop a break over the worst of the days. ^^; Thankfully though, things seem to be a bit cooler now and hopefully it stays that way.

Anyways, enough of the weather.  To me, the biggest changes this past few months has been the addition of a new fancy glass computer table and a second large glass case to display my figures (what a boring life I have eh? To get excited over a new case XD)  But I’ve had great fun trying out different arrangements and lighting options. And this is what I’ve come up with so far. Ain’t it pretty? ;P (click on the images for a larger version)


Well as one can see I’ve acquired more figures in the few months as well. Some I haven’t had time to take pics of, but the ones I have are posted below. ^^

K-ON group

And finally I’ll leave again with a few new paintings I have done recently. All of which are commissions (I’ve had so may commissions lately! )

Honor on the Blade
Golden Awakening
The Dragon
Silver Tempest

Well that’s pretty much it for today. Hope you are all doing well and thanks to whoever is reading this! ^^

Spring Updates

15 04 2011

Hello everyone,

Hope your spring has been going well. A lot of things have been going on here, but before I get to all of that I’m just going to begin by posting a few shots of some of my latest figures -since most that watch this blog are figure fans-.

First up is the new Max Factory Tony Hatsune Miku figure that arrived some weeks ago -hence the snow in these pics- I’m so happy with how she turned out and I’m still amazed that I was able to get in an order for her so close to the release date.



Next up is a shot of my other new figure -that came together in the same package- Black Gold Saw figma. Out of all the BRS figma’s so far this one is by far my favourite. I hope to get some more shots of her in the future.

BGS figma

Well now the figure news is out of the way, I’ll switch to new art news. I’ve completed a few new works -all of which are commissions-  and are posted below. They will -and some have- been added to the gallery section here.

A Moment in Time
A Touch of Destruction
Inner World Bankai
.:. Fantasia .:.

I am also finally attending my first ever anime convention (see their site for more info: in June and I’m busy getting read for that.  I’m planning on having a table and selling some prints of my work -and of all times I’m out of ink now ^^;  But hopefully by June things will have worked out.

And finally I will end with the most upsetting news here. With all the melting snow water has begun to make its way into our basement. While others are having it worse, and we are very thankful that it isn’t worse here, it still isn’t pleasant. It started off slowly but after last night, where we were sweeping out a large puddle of water every 15 minuets to the floors drain, we’ve finally the begun to continually pump the water instead, and have split the day and night into shifts.  Every 20 minutes the pump is turned on for 15 minutes. Its like that all day and night and for who knows how long.  I, since I do all my work at night, has the night ‘shift’ and with the help of an egg timer has to man the pumps.  All of us here are very stressed out and tired and we can only hope that things will get better soon. On top of that the water has gotten into our every day well -this is the water we use all the time in the house- and has turned it to a gross yellow color. All we can do now is hope that it isn’t infected with some random bacteria.  *sigh* So at the moment its not at all pleasant here. *is dead tired*

Well that’s pretty much it. I just heard the timer and I have to go plug the pump in again. I dearly hope things are better the next time I do an update here.

*waves* Until next time. 🙂

New Photos

18 02 2011

Wow, has it really been since December since my last post?! Where does time go?

Anyways, lets start off with a few new photos. I recently took some pics of my room and have finally decided to post them. Here you can all finally see the set up and layout of my figure display, complete with the lights.  Note: clicking the pics will take you to them on MFC where a larger downloaded version are available for viewing.

Room -close up-
Room -full-

Also, I have finally found the time to take some shots of my newest Black Rock Shooter figures. I am so amazed at how detailed they both are. GSC really did an amazing job on both. -and I was lucky enough that the second anime version made it safely to me without breaking, as so many others did. Then with the fact that I managed to get her 50% off it made it even better. ^^

Both these pics were taking in my living room window. See all the snow we outside? *sighs* I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t flood this spring. >.>

Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter -anime version-

Also posed below is a quick shot of the lovely Yuri Lowell. Alter really did do an amazing job with this figure too. He’s absolutely gorgeous! -and I’m thinking about doing a review about him in the near future.

Finally I will close with some newest artwork. Below are a few new Bleach drawings -drools over Byakuya- as well as a new commission or two. -one actually-

Rukia and Byakuya

Byakuya Kuchiki

Melting Spring

Also note, I am working on creating a complete gallery of my art here. Including stuff no longer posted online. I’m still far from finished, but it is online and available for viewing even so. Also I have posted my commission list online as well -see commission info- so all my clients can keep track of where they stand in terms of waiting.

So anyway, thanks for reading. *runs off to work on more commissions*


P.S, on a completely unrelated note, I have to post a blip about the newest manga I randomly discovered: Crazy Girl Shin Bia I absolutely loved reading this -and I lost three nights work as well because of it-. I was a little saddened that the ending wasn’t more detailed. But other then that I just loved it and would highly recommend it to those that like adventure/romance/comedic stories. ^^

Happy Holidays!

23 12 2010

Happy Holidays everyone!

This post will feature some new holiday related art as well as some new Figure photos. Well then lets get started.

First up, to celebrate the season I’ve have been working on a new Bleach Christmas drawing. I made sure to include some of my favourite characters of course:  (please also note:  a coloring tutorial showing how I do these colored pencil drawings is posted in an older post)

Bleach happy Holidays

And the pencil only version:

pencil only

And a special version I did for the ByaXRukia fan group on Bleach Asylum:


And a few newer digital works:

Freezing Midnight

Golden Emperor

And finally some shots of my newest figure, GSC’s Dead Master:

Dead Moon Rising

Dead Moon Rising 2

Personally I just love these pics. My camera does not take good pics in dark light so I was thrilled to get a couple this clear with this lighting. And look, that is the real moon behind her.

And I will finally close with a couple shots of my ‘decorated’ work space. I didn’t have the time to set up our larger tree this year so I just set the little tinsel one on my desk. Its nothing fancy, but I’m greatly enjoying looking at it as I work.

So Happy Holidays and good fortune to you all  in the coming year! *hugs*