The Raven BJD Christmas Tree Adventure (2008 Photo story)

18 12 2012

Well since it’s getting closer to Christmas I thought I’d post something a little different.
I made this photo story back in 2008 to be posted on the BJD forum Den of Angels.  Since you’d have to be a member of the forum to actually read it before, I figured I’d post it here and share it now with everyone. It’s nothing really special, but perhaps some of you might enjoy reading it. I had fun making it anyway (from what I can remember). … although I can’t help but wince at the way my room looked then. ^^;


Oh, and no he didn’t help me get my tree up this year…. in fact that tree hasn’t been put up in years now.

Anyway, thanks for reading and best wishes in the New Year!! *hugs*



Just a Quick Update

16 11 2009

Well I finally finished my next pencil/digital colored Bleach pic. People just seem to love them and I have a blast drawing them so expect more in the near future.

This time I decided to draw Ichigo and Renji. The plans for this was to extend the Byakuya and Rukia drawing I did awhile ago. It does more or less line up but the heights were a big issue. I also had big issues with drawing Ichigo this time. No matter what I did I just couldn't get his face right. *sighs* It even got to a point where I was forced to use white out on some parts due to heavy amounts of erasing (And the black smudges left because of that). At one point I was even going to quit and abandon it… but I kept at it and tried my best to fix some of the mistakes as best as I could when I colored it.

Also, I finally received my Fairyland Puki Cupid2, and oh my goodness is it ever cute! I'm still waiting on some wigs (I just made a quick fur one for now) and some kitty ears but for now here is what she looks like. The dress and jewelry was made by me as well. I did have some issues with getting her eyes in straight and my photo taking skills are awful so  the photo below isn't the greatest. (yes I know she looks cross-eyed) I still heven't decided on a name, but I am starting to lean towards 'Snow'.

That's it for today. I shall post again as soon as I have more art to share. I'm currently working on a pencil Soi fon and Yoruichi pic, and it should be posted in a week or so.

Thanks for all the support!

ALL of the works and content on my gallery are under copyright law (2006-2009). You Can't use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc without accessing a license from me.

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New Art/photos

19 08 2009

Well its about time I update here again. ^^; Hmm since my last post I've done a ton more work, bought another bjd, and well to much to remember right at this moment. So I'll just skip to the new art, more of which can be seen on my DeviantART site –> As a reminder my art is NOT to be used/posted/shared without my permission. I seriously can't stress this enough. *sigh*

HitsugayaByakuyaSoi FonRaven cleoRukiaDOA calendar

Also as mentioned above, this last spring I bought my second bjd. She started off as my own character named Cleo but that quickly changed. So now I will introduce my new Luts Lishe, Nel Tu (yes from Bleach). Also below I included a few other new bjd shots I haven't posted to often.


Well that's it for tonight. I have much work left to complete tonight before I go to bed so I can't make this a long update. So until next time….

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Just an Update

27 11 2008

Wow, the time really does fly. Hmm, well since I last updated I have injured my wrist, become rather obsessed with the manga Bleach, and completed a few new commissions.

Ok, well I'm just going to go straight to the new art. So here is a few new additions to my Bleach Series:


GrimmjowRukiaUlquiorra S

Also just lately I have absolutely fallen in love with a new BJD (ball jointed doll) and of course its a limited, and no longer available (even if it still was I still could not afford him) lol He is a Soom Euclase and was only available in October. *sigh* Anyway here is a few pictures of him:



Also I have finally started and announced a new contest at DA where the winner will receive a free commission. Details can be seen by clicking the previous link.

Also I have been featured again this year in kanuka76 's 2009 Drow Callendar. Details on how you can order can be seen at her site.

Well that's it for now, I would have liked to update more, but at the moment I'm not feeling to well, and should be going to bed. So for now, good bye and have a Happy Holidays!


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