New Bleach Art and Vampire Art Now

12 10 2011

Hi everyone,

Just a short update today. I recently finished a new Bleach pencil drawing (pictured below) and I’m posting some photos I took of my own copy of the new art book Vampire Art Now (which I was lucky enough to get in):

First the new Bleach picture: Bleach -Cloudy Skies. Featuring Byakuya, Rukia, Ichigo, and Renji. Note:  a lot of different references were used in creating this, some of which were from a picture (for Byakuya and Renji’s poses and clothes) from a photo I found of the band the Gazette to some cloud references I took myself with my camera. Below that is the pencil only version (and as you can see I did do a little painting over the pencil layer, especially concerning Ichigo’s face).

Bleach -Cloudy Skies-

Now I’m also including a work in progress photo I took. This was taken before I had the bottom of the background planned out (I was originally going to draw a fence behind then) but that changed since. You can just see part of the cloud reference photo (of our yard actually) I was looking at on my laptop screen.

And finally I took some photos of the book Vampire Art Now. All three images in the photos are my paintings that were accepted in the book. We found these books at a local bookstore in the city and since my grandma wanted a couple copies we got two of them.

Well that’s it for today. I should have some new figure photos posted soon but for now this is it.

Thanks for reading! *hugs*




One response

15 10 2011

i love that bleach pencil drawing of yours~ ❤

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