Ah, Summer

1 08 2011

Ah, summer in Canada… all I can think of is: “I miss winter!”  While not as hot as its been in the States, we still had a number of terribly hot days and for someone who lives in a home with no air conditioning it has not been pleasant. Even my computer hasn’t been taking the heat well. Due to overheating I’ve had to give my laptop a break over the worst of the days. ^^; Thankfully though, things seem to be a bit cooler now and hopefully it stays that way.

Anyways, enough of the weather.  To me, the biggest changes this past few months has been the addition of a new fancy glass computer table and a second large glass case to display my figures (what a boring life I have eh? To get excited over a new case XD)  But I’ve had great fun trying out different arrangements and lighting options. And this is what I’ve come up with so far. Ain’t it pretty? ;P (click on the images for a larger version)


Well as one can see I’ve acquired more figures in the few months as well. Some I haven’t had time to take pics of, but the ones I have are posted below. ^^

K-ON group

And finally I’ll leave again with a few new paintings I have done recently. All of which are commissions (I’ve had so may commissions lately! )

Honor on the Blade
Golden Awakening
The Dragon
Silver Tempest

Well that’s pretty much it for today. Hope you are all doing well and thanks to whoever is reading this! ^^