Spring Updates

15 04 2011

Hello everyone,

Hope your spring has been going well. A lot of things have been going on here, but before I get to all of that I’m just going to begin by posting a few shots of some of my latest figures -since most that watch this blog are figure fans-.

First up is the new Max Factory Tony Hatsune Miku figure that arrived some weeks ago -hence the snow in these pics- I’m so happy with how she turned out and I’m still amazed that I was able to get in an order for her so close to the release date.



Next up is a shot of my other new figure -that came together in the same package- Black Gold Saw figma. Out of all the BRS figma’s so far this one is by far my favourite. I hope to get some more shots of her in the future.

BGS figma

Well now the figure news is out of the way, I’ll switch to new art news. I’ve completed a few new works -all of which are commissions-  and are posted below. They will -and some have- been added to the gallery section here.

A Moment in Time
A Touch of Destruction
Inner World Bankai
.:. Fantasia .:.

I am also finally attending my first ever anime convention (see their site for more info: http://www.sllag.info/) in June and I’m busy getting read for that.  I’m planning on having a table and selling some prints of my work -and of all times I’m out of ink now ^^;  But hopefully by June things will have worked out.

And finally I will end with the most upsetting news here. With all the melting snow water has begun to make its way into our basement. While others are having it worse, and we are very thankful that it isn’t worse here, it still isn’t pleasant. It started off slowly but after last night, where we were sweeping out a large puddle of water every 15 minuets to the floors drain, we’ve finally the begun to continually pump the water instead, and have split the day and night into shifts.  Every 20 minutes the pump is turned on for 15 minutes. Its like that all day and night and for who knows how long.  I, since I do all my work at night, has the night ‘shift’ and with the help of an egg timer has to man the pumps.  All of us here are very stressed out and tired and we can only hope that things will get better soon. On top of that the water has gotten into our every day well -this is the water we use all the time in the house- and has turned it to a gross yellow color. All we can do now is hope that it isn’t infected with some random bacteria.  *sigh* So at the moment its not at all pleasant here. *is dead tired*

Well that’s pretty much it. I just heard the timer and I have to go plug the pump in again. I dearly hope things are better the next time I do an update here.

*waves* Until next time. 🙂