New Photos

18 02 2011

Wow, has it really been since December since my last post?! Where does time go?

Anyways, lets start off with a few new photos. I recently took some pics of my room and have finally decided to post them. Here you can all finally see the set up and layout of my figure display, complete with the lights.  Note: clicking the pics will take you to them on MFC where a larger downloaded version are available for viewing.

Room -close up-
Room -full-

Also, I have finally found the time to take some shots of my newest Black Rock Shooter figures. I am so amazed at how detailed they both are. GSC really did an amazing job on both. -and I was lucky enough that the second anime version made it safely to me without breaking, as so many others did. Then with the fact that I managed to get her 50% off it made it even better. ^^

Both these pics were taking in my living room window. See all the snow we outside? *sighs* I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t flood this spring. >.>

Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter -anime version-

Also posed below is a quick shot of the lovely Yuri Lowell. Alter really did do an amazing job with this figure too. He’s absolutely gorgeous! -and I’m thinking about doing a review about him in the near future.

Finally I will close with some newest artwork. Below are a few new Bleach drawings -drools over Byakuya- as well as a new commission or two. -one actually-

Rukia and Byakuya

Byakuya Kuchiki

Melting Spring

Also note, I am working on creating a complete gallery of my art here. Including stuff no longer posted online. I’m still far from finished, but it is online and available for viewing even so. Also I have posted my commission list online as well -see commission info- so all my clients can keep track of where they stand in terms of waiting.

So anyway, thanks for reading. *runs off to work on more commissions*


P.S, on a completely unrelated note, I have to post a blip about the newest manga I randomly discovered: Crazy Girl Shin Bia I absolutely loved reading this -and I lost three nights work as well because of it-. I was a little saddened that the ending wasn’t more detailed. But other then that I just loved it and would highly recommend it to those that like adventure/romance/comedic stories. ^^