Alter’s Kotobuki Tsumugi – A Review

28 11 2010

Today’s post features the review I did some days ago about Alters new Kotobuki Tsumugi figure. It was originally posted on MyFigureCollection but I’m posting it here as well.

Well then, lets get started. Kotobuki Tsumugi is the 4th in the K-ON! Ho-Kago Tea Time series.

Tsumugi, also known as Mugi, is a wealthy girl with a gentle and sweet personality. She is the third member of the light music club and plays the keyboard. She brings sweets and tea frequently and keeps a tea set at the club room. She originally intends to join the choir club, but joins the light music club instead since she would rather be “friends with fun people that you don’t meet often” (From MyAnimeList)

Packaging: Well then, lets start with the box first. This box is very much like the other 3 in the series, although this time it features a pink color scheme. Several photos of the figure decorate the box along with some other rather eye pleasing yet simple color patterns/designs. A large semi wraparound window allows the viewer a very good look at the figure itself as well. A smaller second window is on the top flap, cut in the shape of the keys on her keyboard. I’ve seen better boxes around, but even so, its well done and does its job well. Inside the box is the general plastic casings. This time there are 4 layers of protective plastic, allowing for the base and the legs of the keyboard to be packaged safely behind the figure itself. Also included is a small instruction sheet for correct placement of the keyboard and her feet on the base.

Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing: Lets move on to the figure itself. First some photos:
And a close up of her face:

Alter really did a lovely job with this figure. From her slightly swaying/jumping pose down to the flow of her long hair, its obvious that this figure was well thought out. Some had complained that her pose was rather plain, especially compared with the other 3 that are in mid jump, however, personally I like what they did with her. Sure she may be in a slightly more refined pose but even so, she’s very elegant and still expresses a great sense of movement. She is well detailed as well, from the wrinkles in her clothing, down to her flowing skirt, its all expertly sculpted and truth be told I couldn’t be more happy with it.

Alter also did an amazing job painting this figure. Some were concerned that the hair may have been a bit to yellow (and please don’t judge by the color of my photos, they don’t pick up the color of her hair nearly accurately enough), but I personally think they did a good job with it. The bottom strands of her hair are slightly darker and taper to a lighter color the closer you get to her head, which in my opinion, just looks lovely. Her clothing is all painted and shaded well -love those cute gold buttons- and her skin has a lovely and fairly realistic paint job. They did an excellent job on her face as well, the eyes especially are very nicely done.

The Keyboard for me is one of the most eye-catching things about this figure. The details on this thing is just fantastic! I was so tempted to actually get out a magnifying glass just too see what was all written on it (and all the little buttons are labeled in English and are readable). The keys themselves looks so real I almost felt that I could reach out and actually press and move them (which you can’t of course).

However, despite the amazing details on the keyboard I was more then a little shocked to find out that it doesn’t actually fit together in any way to its stand or to the base. The keyboard just sits on the rather flimsy cross legs/stand which is just set on the base. With the weight of the keyboard and the lack of a secure placement makes the keyboard VERY wobbly and unstable. Heck, the whole thing toppled over when I first took it out of the box and set it on the base for the first time. The keyboard has to be carefully set on its stand exactly centered, then you pretty much can’t move the figure from that spot without removing the keyboard again. Merely bumping the table the figure was sitting on caused a great deal of wiggling… which freaked me right out. I know some people were against a clear bar in the keyboard to actually connect it to the stand… but honestly I would have preferred that compared to the instability it now has instead.

Base: The base for this figure may be fairly plain but it matches the others in the series and gets the job done well. Its made of clear plastic and features her name as well as an image of her keyboard. Although as I mentioned above the base does not contain any sort of ways to connect the keyboard to the base… which makes moving this figure more difficult then others. Mugi stands well on it though, and there isn’t to much wiggling on her part.

Other: Nothing to much to say here. I’ll just post a few group shots of her and the other band members (can’t wait for Ritsu btw!)

Enjoyment: Over all I was very pleased with this figure (despite wobbly keyboard). She is another masterpiece from ALTER and over all they did a wonderful job on her. She looks amazing on my shelf and makes a fine addition to one of the best K-ON figure series I have ever seen.

Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren’t to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn’t scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again, -Keelerleah




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