New art + Tutorial

15 09 2009

Nothing to much new I just figured I’d upload and share my newest drawing, and yes its more fanart. ^^; This one is from the Manga series Kuroshitsuji (which I just love) and features the two main characters Sebastian and Ciel. It was drawn completely in pencil then scanned and colored in photoshop. I loved how this one turned out so much that I decided to make a brief step by step coloring tutorial that shows what I did. So here is the final finished version (sorry for all the watermarks) followed by the tutorial itself.

Here is how I remove the lines/pencil to its own layer (using ‘channels’):

-Click ‘windows’ on the top menu and select ‘channels’.
-Grab and drag the ‘blue layer’ to the bottom of the little channels window and drop it on the ‘create new channel’ button. -This should create a new channel called ‘Blue copy’ Rename that to ‘alpha1’
-Create a new layer.
-Click ‘select’ from the top and click on ‘load selection’
-Select ‘alpha1’ from the ‘channel’ drop down menu. (make sure you have invert checked off) click OK.
-Select ‘edit’ from the top and click ‘fill’. Use black, blending mode normal, opacity 100% click ok

That should have created a new layer that only has the black lines colored in. Create a new layer under that and you can color without affecting the lines.



As always thanks for looking! Until next time. đŸ™‚
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