New Art/photos

19 08 2009

Well its about time I update here again. ^^; Hmm since my last post I've done a ton more work, bought another bjd, and well to much to remember right at this moment. So I'll just skip to the new art, more of which can be seen on my DeviantART site –> As a reminder my art is NOT to be used/posted/shared without my permission. I seriously can't stress this enough. *sigh*

HitsugayaByakuyaSoi FonRaven cleoRukiaDOA calendar

Also as mentioned above, this last spring I bought my second bjd. She started off as my own character named Cleo but that quickly changed. So now I will introduce my new Luts Lishe, Nel Tu (yes from Bleach). Also below I included a few other new bjd shots I haven't posted to often.


Well that's it for tonight. I have much work left to complete tonight before I go to bed so I can't make this a long update. So until next time….

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