Just an Update

27 11 2008

Wow, the time really does fly. Hmm, well since I last updated I have injured my wrist, become rather obsessed with the manga Bleach, and completed a few new commissions.

Ok, well I'm just going to go straight to the new art. So here is a few new additions to my Bleach Series:


GrimmjowRukiaUlquiorra S

Also just lately I have absolutely fallen in love with a new BJD (ball jointed doll) and of course its a limited, and no longer available (even if it still was I still could not afford him) lol He is a Soom Euclase and was only available in October. *sigh* Anyway here is a few pictures of him:



Also I have finally started and announced a new contest at DA http://keelerleah.deviantart.com/ where the winner will receive a free commission. Details can be seen by clicking the previous link.

Also I have been featured again this year in kanuka76 's 2009 Drow Callendar. Details on how you can order can be seen at her site.

Well that's it for now, I would have liked to update more, but at the moment I'm not feeling to well, and should be going to bed. So for now, good bye and have a Happy Holidays!


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