Finally an Update

22 02 2008

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated last. Well what's happened in that time…. hmm well noting to monumental, but I do seem to have steady work, at least for now. 

Some of you that watch me at may have noticed a slowdown in new art. Well this is partially because I am now apart of the The Legends of Talanith project/website and has been hired on to do some traditional/pencil illustrations (an exclusive preview can be seen below).


Along with that, my work on a large 4×8 foot mural of the main street in Delisle continues. Its been a huge change of pace for me as I tend to stick to fantasy work, the mural being all old building. But I am getting there, and hopefully within the next few months will have it completed. And don't worry I tend to post a photo of the finished work.

Comission work is still in full swing, and I do continue to do some of my own personal art. Here is a taset of some of my newer works, all of which are painted from scratch in photoshop (although the midnight guardian one had a pose reference). Enjoy.


Here is my latest Drizzt painting (which I love how it turned out), and this one actually got me my first Daily Deviation on DeviantART. (A daily deviation is a daily award the site gives out to selected works)



I also have some news concerning a feature I have been given. I have been recently featured in a digital art magazene titled Collective Consciousness  issue 2 (copies can be purchased at the link). Hopefully this will give me a boost in the art world, and land me more work.

In any case life goes on, so I hope you are all well and again thanks for taking the time to stop by. I leave you now with some pencil works. Enjoy. (and always all pics are copyright to myself and are NOT to be used without permission)








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