More Art

26 07 2007


Well I have been busy this week and now I have three new pics done. All three I did as possible entries for the upcoming Showcase of Arts in Saskatoon. I have yet to pick one. As well 'shades of blue and green' and 'Rose Princess' are available as prints at


Chinese princeShades of Blue and GreenRose Princess



Again thanks to everyone for stooping by and as usual none of my art is to be used without permission.

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I Read the Orc King!!

22 07 2007

 Hello all, well I'm finally back from a 2 week 'holiday' and I must say I am now going out of my mind with the amount of work that has to be done this week. With the approach of two art fairs (on that I have to have stuff done for my this Friday) I am now (until Aug 11) only working on my own stuff. This week alone I have to get 4-6 pictures colored, get one scarf knitted and other things I can't think of right at this moment.

But as to the news all you Drizzt fans wanted to hear about… yes I have indeed read the Orc King (the next Drizzt book that is to be released this late Sept), now how did I get my hands on a advanced reading copy? well that is my little secret. But I will give you a review of it as well as some personal thoughts I had about it. Note: I will try to remain spoiler free, but read at your own risk

Well what can I say about the new Drizzt book…. only that its just AMAZING!!!!!!! OMG I just LOVED it!!!!! It was all there, Drizzt kick butt scenes, romance, suspense, even the death of a rather important character.
As with all R.A. Salvatores books this one was full of excitement and some major surprises. Be prepared for BIG changes, even if your not a rabid Drizzt and co. fan this still remains a MUST READ. The changes are so severe that the realms themselves will never be the same again, and I must say I do really wonder what will happen next.
To me, this book almost seemed a conclusion to the Hunter's Blades Trilogy. So many of my questions were answered and a few new ones were created. It really could be a stand alone book, for there is a satisfying ending, although I really didn't like the Prologue or Epilogue, which in my opinion, really cast a disheartening glow (especially the epilogue) to the main story as <minor spoiler!> it takes place a century after the main story and current position in the life of Drizzt Do'Urden, which reminded me that at that time the humans we all care so much about are no longer alive <spoiler end> but that is just in the Prologue and Epilogue and doesn't have an effect with the main story.
So many things happen in this book, so many side stories, and they all just add to it. Now I know a lot of you are asking what happened with Drizzt and Catti-brie in the romance department, well all I will say is that I was thrilled at what happened, although there was a moment of great sadness concerning the two. As I also said earlier, there is a prominent death, and when I read it my jaw just dropped, no way was I expecting ______ to die. What a twist that was and personally I was just stunned.
Oh gosh, there is just so much that happened, and in the thoughts of Bruenor Battle Hammer "So much has changed" So I leave you now, to await the Orc King in late Sept (I believe it to be around the 25th, but I can't be certain), and I must add the three years since the last Drizzt book was well worth the wait!

Wow, well I hope you all aren't cursing me for giving anything away, as I do not want that. I just wanted to share my excitement and joy I had reading it and hope that you will all join me when its released. So fare well for now, got to get back to the art *sigh* :D Have a great day

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New Art Done

9 07 2007

Well I have been busy in the last week, and during that week I got three new pieces done:

Blue Eyes: Done on July 8, 2007


Rain: Done on July 5, 2007 (print available, at


and Pondering: Done on July 5, 2007  (print available at


Over all I am really pleased with these three, especially 'Blue Eyes'. Well I had better go again. See you all soon.

Note: None of these images are to be used with out my permission and are under copyright.

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So Little Time

3 07 2007

Wow, I'm finally up and running on a blog, about time eh? Well I am still so very busy. With my art commission list getting no smaller, and with the two art fairs coming soon I just have no time. I just finished my big Drizzt painting, (the one titled "Docks at left) and posted it on DeviantART and Lavender Eyes. I wasn't really happy with it but after nearly 25 hours of working on it, I just had to quit. But maybe someday I will go back and work more on it. 

I'm still thrilled with the results that my "Drizzt flees the Hunter" pic. People just loved it, I even had one person asking permission if they could make a T-shirt with it, wow that's the first time thats happened. Now I'm trying to focus on my comic coloring. After advise of Nei Ruffino (a talented

woman that does the coloring for the Drizzt comics, as well as others) I actually tried coloring a profesionally inked drawing of AphroditeIX (some unknown {to me}  comic book character) and I just loved how it turned out. So am I headed to a future of comic coloriest? who really knows, but I am beginging to try. 

On the lighter side I still can't believe that I am getting the unedited version of the Orc King (By: R.A. Salvatore) months before its even released (end of Sept). Wow, that was an exciting day on Ebay, and it could come any day! I just can't wait to find out what happens with my favourite dark elf, and reports will be forthcoming.

Well I had better go, must get back to the art. Talk to you all later! 😀

Please note: none of my art is to be used for any purposes without my permission.


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